Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Scrambled tofu makes an excellent egg alternative

Either I've been really lazy lately or busy with other things...Who am I kidding? It's usually a combination of the two.

About a month ago I posted about sort of trying out a diet. It only lasted for a week and I didn't follow it to a T but I was inspired by some of the suggested recipes. In addition to the veggie lentil soup I reviewed last time, I also recommend the breakfast tofu scramble--a nice alternative to eggs. I only followed the recipe loosely as I lacked some of the spices, but it turned out pretty great. All you need is tofu--I suppose soft tofu would work best for crumbling purposes, but I used the extra firm I had in the fridge and it worked just as well-- mushrooms, spinach, salt, and pepper. And as is in my nature, I topped it off with Sriracha.

It's so light and quick to make that even a lazy person such as myself doesn't mind making it in the mornings before work. For extra fun, have some tortilla on the side. Heat it up in a pan and serve alongside or make yourself a breakfast taco.

Semi-related anecdote: I got the spinach for this faux omelette scramble from this Caribbean market in my neighborhood that has a stellar vegetable selection that is much more affordable than neighboring grocery stores. The last time I went I walked away with a full head of spinach (can I call it that?), scallions, kale, carrots, celery, poblano peppers, oregano, rosemary, parsley, lentils, and an onion all for less than $12! I chuckle to myself whenever I pass it because it's called The Meat Barn even though they mostly sell vegetables, fruits, beans, and Caribbean spices.